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4 Clever Ways to Organize Your Kitchen Pantry


It doesn’t take much to transform your pantry organization and opt for clever ways to store food and kitchen products. Check out these easy solutions to streamlining your stuff and keeping your food organized in one place!

1. Store Your Spices on a Lazy Susan

No need to keep searching tirelessly for the right spice in your pantry. Dig out that old Lazy Susan from your attic and use it to organize your spices! Whether you keep it in your pantry or in a kitchen cabinet, your Lazy Susan will allow you to organize your spices efficiently and find them easily.

2. Install Wire Baskets to Store Onions, Potatoes, & Garlic

The beauty of onions, potatoes, and garlic is that they are storable for weeks without spoiling. On the down side, they tend to clutter counter space and get in the way. A clever way to organize these vegetables is to keep them in wire baskets in your pantry so that they don’t take up counter space. If you don’t have a pantry, you can still install wire baskets in a large drawer, out of sight.

3. Use a Magazine File to Organize Foil, Wax Paper, & Saran Wrap

Free up your kitchen or pantry drawers and start storing your foil, wax paper, and Saran wrap in a magazine file. You can mount an inexpensive magazine file onto the back of a door or keep on a shelf in your pantry. There are lots of styles to choose from at Staples, The Container Store, or on

4. Hang Bags of Cereal or Snacks

Want to get your extra clothing hangers out of your closet and put to good use? Clip the tops of cereal or snack bags to hangers and hang on a rod or wire rack in your pantry. If you don’t have any hangers with built-in clips, large binder clips will work just as well and allow you to store your cereal or snacks on a hook.

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