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South Fargo Real Estate

South Fargo real estate is the result of expansion of the city of Fargo. This is an area that is considered newer especially after the construction of Interstates 29 and 94. The interstates changed transportation in the area and pushed growth to the south. Purchasing South Fargo homes for sale provides residents with access to several major businesses in this area. They include Navteq, Microsoft and Cetero Research. The retail district in the southwest has expanded rapidly with investments made by private developers as well as the city.

The economy of the entire Fargo area originally was dependent on agriculture due to the location. The Red River Valley contains some of the richest soil in the state. Today, agriculture does not play as much of an importance although it is still a factor. The major contributors are manufacturing, retail, technology, food processing, healthcare and higher education. South Fargo real estate in the upscale South 8th Street historic district has long been considered a high status neighborhood where those with strong business ties and political influence reside.

Purchasing South Fargo homes in this area will include English Cottage, Colonial Revival, Dutch Colonial, Mediterranean and Tudor styles. With the preserved historical aspects such as grand elm trees, charming street lamps and designer lawns this area of South Fargo is quite popular. Additionally, this is an area that is considered safe for raising families. The Fargo-Moorhead metro area was named the “most secure mid-sized cities in the U.S.” by Farmers Insurance.

The cost of living, at less than the national average, is another reason for choosing South Fargo real estate. Even with the problems experienced over the past few years due to the economic crisis, the housing market in this region is one of the more stable in the country. Overall, when considering the enormous opportunities that are available by choosing South Fargo homes for sale; this is one area of the country that is flourishing.